Amazon's SEO - Keyword Terms Update 1-23-2024

Amazon seller central has quietly made some backend updates to manage inventory fields, and the character limit for the "Generic Keywords" field in product listings has jumped from 250 to a whopping 500 characters! 📈

This is a game-changer that empowers sellers with more flexibility and control over how Amazon's search engine indexes their listings. By adding more keywords, you can precisely target your products to potential buyers, increasing your chances of ranking higher in search results and ultimately boosting conversions. 🎯💼

To make the most of this update, here are some handy tips:

1️⃣ Research is Key: Before starting, research your target audience and identify relevant keywords used when searching for products like yours. 📚🧐

  • Manual process through auto fill search 

2️⃣ Get Specific: It's not about using generic keywords anymore. Opt for specific, relevant keywords that match your product and resonate with your audience. 🎯👌

Amazon search terms 2024

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