Connect Shopify with Shopify Marketplace Connect - Overview

Who is this for? This article is for sellers who want to connect their Shopify and Wal-Mart accounts to streamline inventory and pricing management.

By connecting Shopify and Walmart through the Shopify marketplace connect app, you can easily push inventory and pricing into Wal-Mart and pull Wal-Mart orders into Shopify for fulfillment.

Link to app: Click Here

  1. For sellers with less than 36 SKU, it works well. But if you have more than 36 SKU or different categories, you may encounter issues because the software is still not robust enough.
  2. You will need UPC(s). We highly recommend buying UPC(s) from GS1


  • Upload product into Walmart with basic description & zero out inventory
  • Connecting 15 SKU will take about 3 to 5 hours.

Installing shopify marketplace connect for walmart

There are several options available to update product attributes and data on Walmart Marketplace using the existing values in your Shopify store. You have two choices to automatically enable a product, or you can manually enable it by trying to establish a connection between Shopify and Walmart. In this context, enabling means setting up a link between the two platforms. see print screen below. 👇 


Active and connected to walmart and shopify

If you need assistance connecting your Shopify and Walmart Marketplace accounts through Shopify Marketplace Connect, please send us a message and we can provide you with a quote to complete the process for you.



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