Starting February 1, Google and Yahoo will enforce new email sender requirements.

Don't let the rapidly changing E-commerce industry overwhelm you. Stay ahead of the game by planning and coordinating with your e-mail marketing team.

Google and Yahoo are changing things up, so here's a simple checklist from the Klaviyo update to ensure your emails keep landing in inboxes.

Who will be impacted by these new requirements?

For bulk senders and high-volume brands, meeting these new requirements is crucial to avoid deliverability issues when sending emails to Google and Yahoo addresses.

Here's the rundown: ⬇️

  1. Authentication is key ** Get your BIMI, MTA-STS, and DKIM all set up.
  2. Clean up that list! ** Get rid of inactive subscribers and ensure everyone's email addresses are legit.
  3. Content is king, but engagement is queen!
  4. People have to love your emails to keep them out of spam folders. Tip: Activate Double opt-in 🌟🌟

Monitor your reputation ️‍♀️ Keep an eye on those spam reports and bounce rates.

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