Target Plus Application Got Easier in 2024 -

Big news from Target+ Plus! 🎉 Since Q2 of 2023, they've been rolling out updates that have significantly streamlined the application process for sellers. Just two years ago, it was estimated that only 500 sellers were on Target+ Plus. Now, our inside sources reveal that this number has skyrocketed by 10x! 🚀 For sellers, this means your chances of getting accepted into the Target+ marketplace have greatly improved. It's a fantastic opportunity to expand your business and reach new heights! 📈🛒 Don't forget to follow by book marking this website! 

Some basic requirements: 

  • Registered as a company
  • GS1 UPC
  • Liability Insurance
  • 3PL warehousing (No FBA :) 

Here is the link to get started


Target plus marketplace signup form
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