The Advantages of GS1 UPC Recommendations

There can be several negative effects of not buying a UPC (Universal Product Code) from GS1 for Amazon and Walmart marketplaces:

Listing restrictions:

  • Amazon: Without a valid UPC, you may not be able to list your products on Amazon at all. They strictly require a UPC or other approved identifier for all products.
  • Walmart: While Walmart allows some exceptions for UPCs, such as for handmade or private-label products, having a valid UPC will generally make the listing process much smoother and avoid potential delays or rejections

Long-term problems

  1. Counterfeiting: Using non-approved UPCs can increase the risk of your products being flagged as counterfeit, potentially leading to account suspension or even legal action.
  2. Trademark infringement: If you use a UPC assigned to another company, you may be infringing on their trademark rights.

At David Ricardo, we recommended to invest in purchasing your own UPCs from GS1 to ensure smooth and compliant listings, strong brand control, and efficient product management across Amazon, Walmart, and other marketplaces. It's an investment that can contribute to the long-term success of your business.

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