Walmart Marketplaces launches Self-Serve Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

🌟 Walmart Marketplace sellers who qualify can now dive into Walmart's Self-Serve Marketing portal right in their Seller Center. This cool tool lets them put their money into Search Engine Marketing (SEM) 🚀. What's great is that they can promote their products directly on Google search results with Shopping Ads!

🛒 Sellers just need to set up their campaign, decide on their budget 💰, and activate it. Then, voila! Their Google Shopping Ads will pop up in the Ads section on whenever someone searches for products similar to theirs. 🎉🔍
See below for an example of where ads will populate: 


Walmart Advertising Setup

Walmart’s proprietary bidding algorithms are designed to optimize the items and budget selected within a campaign to help achieve the highest possible return on ad-spend (ROAS) and incremental gross merchandise value (GMV) for your business.  

Eligibility Requirements

To use Walmart’s Self-Serve Marketing portal in Seller Center, U.S. and international sellers will need to meet the following eligibility requirements: 

  • Your last payout must be equal to or greater than the minimum threshold on the last day of the statement period. 

  • U.S. sellers only: If your payout doesn’t meet the requirement above, you must have an active U.S. ACH account on file.  

If you don’t meet those requirements on the last day of the statement period, then all running campaigns will be stopped, and you'll be restricted to read-only access.

**NOTE: Payment via credit card is only available to a limited number of sellers at this time. Also, if you have a payment hold or suspension on your account, you won’t be eligible to use SEM. 


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