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🥇 TikTok Advertising Management Service

🥇 TikTok Advertising Management Service

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Our TikTok Advertising management is an excellent service for customers looking to increase website traffic, explain products, and boost sales for TikTok Shop.

Our basic Plan starts at $599 per month and jumps to $3,000 depending on budget and amount of work.

Features of Services:
Campaign setup based on product assortment & category

  • Weekly Ad review & find-tuning to improve the ads. (Requires 3 Months)
  • Monthly Report & 1 (20min) Meeting per month
  • Communication via Email


  • Min Budget of $50 per day (1,500) - Max Budget 5K
  • 5 to 10 Videos (Ready to Sell) / Creative Assets must be available before starting
  • TikTok Profile Business must already be active

** If the client still needs to get a business TikTok account or pixel install, there is an extra cost of $300 (One-Time cost) to get this up and going.


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